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01 septembre 2006

Marti Peran

Martí Peran is a faculty member of the University of Barcelona as well as a critic and curator. He has collaborated with many contemporary art books (Teorias del arte, 1991; Sobre la crítica de arte, 1996; Naturalezas, 2000; Interferences, 2002, Chimbote Project, 2004...) and catalogues.

He is a regular collaborator in newspapers ("El Pais") and the art magazine "Exitexpress". He is a member of the editorial board of "Transversal"(1996-2002). He has imparted workshops on art criticism in different institutions (MACBA, Universitat de Girona, Fundación Luis Seoane) . He has also directed the international encounters "Present Continuous" (2001-2002, with Rirkrit Tiravanija, Santiago Sierra, Fabrice Hybert, Gustavo Artigas and others). He has curated several historical and contemporary art exhibitions.

He has recently curated "Event architecture " (EACC, Castellón,2002), "Stand by. Listos para actuar" (Laboratorio Alameda,México, DF,2003), "See how they move. 4 ideas about mobility" (Fundación Telefónica. Madrid, 2005) and "CORNER" (Cajamadrid, Barcelona, 2004-05). He is the director of the international exchange programe "Roundabout" between Barcelona and others cities. He is currently working on a project exhibition "GlassKultur.¿What happened with transparence idea?" (Koldo itxelena,San Sebastián; and La Panera,LLeida).

Now he is also working on the project "Ocassional cities", an archive about ephemeral cities around the world that will be showed at the CCCB in 2007.

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